Will Wedding Photography Ever Outlive Its Usefulness?  

 Will Wedding Photography Ever Outlive Its Usefulness?


Wedding photography is an art, concerned with the photographing of the events that make up wedding ceremonies. There are many such events in the period leading to the wedding (like processions to the wedding venues), during the wedding (like the exchange of vows and rings) and in the period following the wedding (like the ‘cutting o f the cake’ and the reception thereafter). In between those events, hundreds of photo shots may end up being taken. For besides the events in question, the people involved in the events also demand to be photographed for posterity.

Now to answer the question as to whether  Gay wedding wedding photography will ever outlive its usefulness, we would have to understand the main reasons why the wedding photography is carried out, in the first place.

As it turns out, wedding photography is carried out for both sentimental and utilitarian purposes. On the utilitarian aspect, we have the fact that the photographs taken during the wedding can be stored as ‘memories’ of the event – for posterity, so that descendants of the wedding couple can get to see how their ancestors’ wedding was like. The wedding photographs could even be put to legal use, for haven’t we had cases where weddings that were contested, and where the wedding certificates couldn’t be traced, photographs of the event were brought up in the court to strengthen the assertion that the weddings took place? On the sentimental aspect, there is the fact that wedding photography has always been part of the wedding ceremony, so that even if they didn’t care about ‘memories’ many couple would still have a wedding photographer at their wedding because it is simply the ‘done thing.’

So, will wedding photography ever outlive its usefulness?

Well, the answer would be no; at least not in the foreseeable future. As long as people continue wedding, we can be sure that there will always be someone at hand with a camera to record the event. For one thing, the idea behind wedding photography is one that makes perfect sense, however one chooses to look at it. Who, for instance, wouldn’t appreciate the importance of taking photographs of their wedding and storing them for posterity, keeping in mind that weddings tend to be ‘once in a lifetime’ events?

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