Top 20 Heavy Metal Vocalists – 5 to 1

 Top 20 Heavy Metal Vocalists – 5 to 1


As I expressed on my other weighty metal blog list, this is exactly who I like. Not a question of specialized execution or record deals or ubiquity. These are only the entertainers that you will find on my MP3 Player an d on the Flash Drives in my vehicle. I partake in all music, simply some more then others. Presently lets end this rundown!


#5 – Brian Johnson – Obviously you can’t imagine Brian Johnson’s music without AC/DC coming up. You know what, that is fine with me. After the death of Bon I don’t think anybody believed that voice could be filled, however Brian has done that with nobility and regard to the band. The new age doesn’t actually realize that there was an alternate voice at the mic of AC/DC that needs to offer something regarding the ability of this man. Brian is so high on the rundown in light of the astounding list of music that he will be for the rest of time known for.


#4 – James Hetfield – Not the James Hetfield from the narrative “Some Sort of Monster”, yet the James Hetfield us metal heads know and love from “Kill Em All”. James has an astounding voice that praises his own guitar playing as well as that of individual shredder Kirk Hammett. Metallica is the band that all others endeavor to be and that is in a major part in view of the vocals of their primary man. Metallica will be Metallica and I love it. Snarl you charlatan snarl.


#3 – Vince Neil – This is exceptionally surprising to some perusing this site including my significant other on the grounds that I am a gigantic Motley Crue fan, yet the truth of the matter is I’m a Motley Crue fan, not exactly an enormous Vince Neil fan. Vince needs Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, and Tommy Lee to be finished. That has been demonstrated over and over with his inferior performance profession, yet all things considered no other person could sing the tunes I love like Vince (the John Corabi analyze), so that puts him at number 3. I think my better half puts him at #1 for different reasons, however this is vocals not…


#2 – Bruce Dickenson – When you talk about Heavy Metal Music would you be able to potentially have a discussion without this man. Bruce’s music represents itself with no issue. I hate the best Iron Maiden front man contention basically in light of the fact that there truly is no other. Bruce is the standard which most vocalists measure their exhibition. Seeing this man utilize that reach live is something you will always remember. Eddie may be the Maiden mascot, yet Bruce is the voice and consistently will be. Shout FOR ME WE LOVE METAL!


#1 – Ronnie James Dio – Believe it or not until two or three years prior I truly had close to zero familiarity with Dio, until Vince had me pay attention to Holy Diver. I was blown away that a Heavy Metal Musician could sound so dull and insidious one minutes thus operatic the following. I’m one of those individuals that will pick Dio over Ozzy in Sabbath (or Heaven and Hell) anytime. Paradise and Hell, Lady Evil, Mob Rules, unimaginable tunes that need no avocation. Also the way that he raised Rainbow higher than ever with hits like “The Man on Silver Mountain” and his performance vocation was out of this world. Dio is the voice of Heavy Metal and the picture that will keep it solid into what’s to come. Assuming you believe he’s getting old look at the new H&H collection and you be the adjudicator. SHOW ME THE HORNS DIO!


That is the end, give it your best shot!

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