Text Messaging Mobile Apps – The New Way to Communicate

Text Messaging Mobile Apps – The New Way to Communicate


Simple mobile phones were available at first. Mobile phones’ main function was to make it possible for individuals to call and communicate with one another. The other features of the phones were extremely limited. All that used to happen was that people would talk to one another. What a difference a few years can make! Nowadays, mobile phones are capable of so many things that were unthinkable even ten years ago. The game has evolved much further with the advent of cellphones.

With the rise of smartphoneswhatsapp gold comes the emergence of mobile apps, which have swept the globe. There are now smartphone apps for many different purposes, including text messaging, navigation, weather forecasting, social media, and more. Any idea you have is likely to already have an app available for it.

The ability to send an unlimited number of messages to each other for free has made text messaging apps incredibly popular recently. Your acquaintance might reside in another nation, use any service provider, and own a variety of mobile phones. With a few smartphone clicks, you can still SMS them at any time of day or night.


Most of these apps are either totally free or reasonably priced. Nimbus, WhatsApp, Skype Mobile, and other well-known text messaging apps are only a few examples. On all systems, Nimbus functions. Whether you have an iPhone, Blackberry, or another smartphone that can run Windows programs, you can use it.

Recently, WhatsApp has grown significantly in popularity and surpassed Nimbus in that regard. It is a smartphone messenger that enables you to connect with your contacts and pals over Wi-Fi or 3G. Android, Symbian, iPhone, and Blackberry devices all support WhatsApp. There is a new player on the market right now. Its name is Telegram, and it syncs up quickly across many devices. Telegram is a cloud-based program. You can send and share a wide variety of files using Telegram, including PDF, PPT, Doc, and zip files.

Since there are so many whatsapp gold, nobody is exchanging messages through SMS anymore. The new method of communicating with one another is through text messages. Smart business marketers can take advantage of this trend. They now have an additional channel to approach potential clients and grow their business. Nowadays, 90% of people own a cell phone. Most of these mobile phone owners also have smartphones. Now that there are text-based services that are trustworthy, business owners can advertise to these smart phone users and see a considerably higher Return on Investment (ROI) than they would with traditional types of advertising. When compared to telemarketing, SMS, or email marketing initiatives, it will be significantly less expensive.

We have various festivals and many days of celebration, particularly in India. On many of these important days, people send greetings to their friends and family. Sadly, in today’s world, we now make wishes online. The wishes of today are emotionless. Either on Facebook or through applications like WhatsApp, we make wishes. I’ve noticed that instead of calling me on my birthday anymore, my friends and family now wish me via WhatsApp. Although I am relieved that they remembered my birthday, I cannot communicate with them. I don’t feel as though my friend is wishing me; rather, it seems like some emotionless electronic device is doing it. Why are we acting in this way?

I recognize that many these days are reluctant to establish personal connections. Thanks to advancements in technology, we can communicate with people who live kilometers away from us. We find it more convenient to send texts as opposed to making calls. Do we avoid calling because we’re busy or because we want to? I believe that we are now at the mercy of technology. Technology is using us, not the other way around. Without our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, we feel incomplete.

It appears that we are turning into technologically-dependent living robots. It is past due for us to begin acting more like humans. Technology is not meant to replace human emotions; it is there for our convenience. Although the concept of social media as a whole was founded on the idea that humans are social animals, it now has an entirely different meaning.

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