“Techie Tithes: Online Platforms for Virtual Church Fundraising”


Many churches offer coffee or other light refreshments, but you can turn it into an ongoing fundraiser by offering specialty items for purchase on Sunday mornings. Instead of stopping by a Starbucks, your congregants can simply grab their much-needed caffeine at church and support your ministry.


Your congregants are the foundation of your church, so give them the opportunity to leave their mark with a buy-a-brick fundraiser. If you’re building a new addition or need to update an area of your church that has fallen into disrepair, offer your members the opportunity to buy an engraved brick to help fund your renovation. They can use the brick as an opportunity to permanently mark their contributions  church fundraising ideas  your church fundraising ideas or to honor a special someone.

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Turn popular youth group games like Sword Drill, Bible Jeopardy, or Reclaim the Cross (a fresh take on Capture the Flag) into a peer-to-peer fundraiser that the whole family can enjoy. Set up a fundraiser website where your participants can create church fundraising ideas own personal fundraising pages. Make it easy for them to share their participation with social sharing buttons and ask them to reach out to their networks to help you raise money in the weeks leading up to your event.

Singles Valentine’s Day dance

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for those with significant others, but what about individuals who are still looking for someone to celebrate with? Turn Valentine’s Day into a holiday worth celebrating for everyone regardless of their relationship status with a Valentine’s Day Dance for singles at your church. Not only will people church fundraising ideas the opportunity to meet and connect with someone new, but you’ll also raise money for your ministry in the process.

Speed dating

It’s not always easy to meet someone you connect with or with whom you share the same values when you’re in the dating scene. Make meeting new people easy, fun, and safe for the singles in your congregation by hosting a speed dating event. Plan your event and charge a small registration fee for people to participate.

This can also be a great event for those who aren’t necessarily looking for a romantic partner but are church fundraising ideas looking to meet new friends. Partner with other churches in your area so your members can meet people from outside their immediate church community who share similar values.

Church cookbook

Almost no one returns home after a church potluck without making a few promises to send recipes around once everyone’s stomach is full and all the serving plates are empty. Why not make things easier on your congregants by collecting those coveted family recipes for a church cookbook fundraiser?

Send out a call to your congregation to submit their most popular potluck recipes or favorite family food traditions to compile into a community cookbook. You can even turn this cookbook into a yearly publication where people can submit new or updated recipes annually.

Sell copies of the cookbook to your congregation and include any backstories or fond memories your contributors church fundraising ideas about the recipes they’ve submitted. People will love the opportunity to try something new in their kitchens and in doing so, they’ll also get to know their community better.

Family photo day

Getting the family all dressed up and looking nice on any day can be a difficult task. Make family photos easy by offering a photo day at church when everyone’s already dressed up in their Sunday best. Advertise your photo day for a specific Sunday and set church fundraising ideas a simple photo studio where families can stop by before or after a church service to pay to take home a few photos.

Pro tip: Plan your family photo day before the holiday season starts so families can get their Christmas card photos done!

 Small group luncheons

Give your church Bible study groups or interest groups the opportunity to connect and socialize by hosting intimate luncheons. Offer some delicious food and refreshments, and plan church fundraising ideas activities or discussion questions so people have the opportunity to talk with one another and forge unique bonds with each other.

 “Festival of Lights” holiday carnival

When the holidays roll around, spread some celebratory cheer with a Festival of Lights carnival. Reach out to local businesses and ask if they’d be willing to sponsor carnival game booths, and see if local restaurants would be interested in selling some carnival eats and refreshments. This is a great fundraiser event for the whole family, and your congregants will love the opportunity to celebrate the winter holidays with their church family.

Final Thoughts

There’s no end to the ways you can raise money to support your church community and your mission. Small churches are often caught between demand for programs and services and reluctance to ask members to give above and beyond their weekly offering. But by holding fundraisers that members want to participate in, you can help relieve donor fatigue and give members services they already want. That’s a win for everyone involved!

Need some extra help planning your next fundraiser? Check out these resources for more tips and ideas.


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