Solar Panel Installation Introduction  

 Solar Panel Installation Introduction


You’re probably convinced of the environmental benefits and economic savings solar power via solar power panels (also known as photovoltaic or solar cells) bring. But just when you’ve set your mind into converting your fossil fuel burning home into a green solar powered one, you’re shocked with the cost of buying and installing one. What Solar Panel Installation Naples Florida  more, you realize that the bulk of the cost in getting solar power panels is actually the solar panel installation itself.

If you only knew how solar panel installation works you could save a ton of money. Plus, if you knew how to make your own DIY solar electricity panels, your cost for converting your house would plummet!

Let’s take a look at how to basically install solar panels.

Solar cells or photovoltaic panels are basically constructed on the roof. This is only logical because solar power panels only work under the sun and having them on the roof takes up little usable space. The tool commonly used for solar panel installation on the roof is the fast jack.

You line up mounts on the rafters. And to prevent the rafters form separating, you pre-drill it beforehand.

Now use stainless steel lag bolts to lock the mounts on the roof (for an old roof, you will need to apply a new layer around the mounts). Then prepare the metal flashings and place it on the mounts. Use stainless steel bolts to secure the metal rails on the posts.



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