Ornamental Fence Qualities – Galvanized Steel, Wrought Iron and Aluminum

 Ornamental Fence Qualities – Galvanized Steel, Wrought Iron and Aluminum


Ornamental fence has many uses. It is frequently used for residential purposes such as offsetting gardens, lining walkways, defining property boundaries, or containing  fence companies near me swimming pools. It not only protects the garden from animals and children, it also adds an aesthetic appeal to the grounds. It can change traffic to entry points and deter trespassers from cutting across a lawn. Metal fencing panels are constructed of powder-coated steel, iron, or aluminum. They range in height from just 18 inches to well over eight feet. The picket fence is of the type having two upper rails and one or two bottom rails.

The project will be much cheaper if installed by the homeowner. Many instructional DIY videos are available. Aluminum costs $70 to $150 per section for do-it-yourself installation or slightly more depending on finish and style. The cost to have a professional install the fence may range from $6 per foot to $20 per foot, depending on how many and what type of gates you have. They grade of the land has an impact on the cost of the install as well. Aluminum is by far the cheapest option for ornamental fencing, and styles of aluminum fence can be found to match anything in iron or steel.

Many styles and colors, integrating maintenance-free aesthetics with high security, are offered. Galvanized steel fence panels are made with galvanized steel substrate and a factory applied thick powder coating. This is the most popular fence in the world for highways, airports, parks, playgrounds and many other municipal public projects. Made with galvanized steel substrate and a factory-applied polyester powder coating, fence panels are factory assembled to minimize field damage. Commercial Grade Ornamental Fence is also most often mad e from steel. Welded wrought iron fencing tends to have a shorter life span based on its tendency to rust. Commercial ornamental fencing has a larger 3/4 inch picket. This increase gives the fence the added strength that is needed around businesses, high activity areas, and even in some homes. Industrial Grade Ornamental Fence is the third, and by far the most expensive style. Many industrial grade ornamental fences are made from steel due to the added strength over aluminum. Military base fences often use this style around their perimeters in order to maintain a cleaner appearance and maintain a higher level of security. One of the benefits of metal fence materials is that they add warmth and richness to real estate.

Ameristar is the world’s largest ornamental fence manufacturer. It is extremely strong and has a high resistance to corrosion and is pest-proof. Wrought iron fences are known for their durability and side impact strength. Wrought iron fences are a favorite decorative fencing option for public works. Some fence builders create hand forged wrought iron fences and wrought iron gates. Wrought iron fences are available as commercial fences or residential fences and add value to any property because of their elegant appearance. When you take the time to discover the wonderful scope of ornamental fence, you’ll see that you’ve a plentiful amount of styles and features to select from. A panel spans the distance between two posts. They are strong and can last a lifetime. It will also increase the property value of your home and is a very effective security feature on any home.

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