Making Money Selling Digital Delivery Products Online

Making Money Selling Digital Delivery Products Online


The Internet has a huge market for digital delivery products and if you target the right potential buyers, you can actually do very well.

There are several   Nangs  ways to sell digital delivery items online, one of which has currently become almost extinct. Selling digital delivery items on eBay used to be a very beneficial method of making some extra money, as well as building your eBay feedback score. Recently eBay has decided to put a halt to selling digital delivery items on eBay the same way users have been able to do for years. They now require that you sell digital delivery items under the “classifieds” section of the website. What does this mean for the eBay seller? A higher fee to sell them item on eBay, as well as any feedback stemming from the transaction will not count towards your feedback score. eBay found that the vast amount of users on eBay selling digital delivery items were using them solely to manipulate their positive feedback scores, as they were selling them for very cheap, $0.01. The first step eBay took was to increase the minimum selling price of digital delivery items from $0.01, to $1.00, shortly after they decided to just stop with digital delivery items counting towards feedback scores and require users to list under the classifieds section to make feedback scores “more accurate”.

Although you may not be able to sell digital delivery items on eBay and have them count towards your feedback score and pay a higher fee to list the items under the classifieds section, you can still make money selling these items on eBay. It all comes down to professionally marketing the product, users will still look at your classified ad and if good enough, make the purchase. At the end of the day, if it’s revenue you’re looking for when selling digital delivery items on eBay, rather than a boost in your feedback score, this change could be beneficial, as it will drive up the cost of digital delivery items on the site due to the fee’s associated with listing the item. Higher priced items from competitors could result in more revenue for you!

Another way of selling digital delivery items is creating a website targeted to one, or a variety of your digital delivery items. Purchase a domain, hire someone, or produce the website to attractive and effectively marketed. When I say effectively marketed, search for websites in the same niche on a search engine to see how they’ve become successful, follow their guidelines, but don’t copy the website.


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