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Switchable polarity. Starting from the Impact GX series , extended transport control and project navigation deliver even more tools for hands-on control. The Panorama P-series established a new standard with its full feature set, including a motor fader. Nektarine also turns our AURA Beat Composer pad controller into an open-ended and powerful beat creation instrument, that allows the creation of kits from multiple plugins for unlimited sonic possibilites. What sets our instruments apart is, that all the hard work is done for you already thanks to Nektar DAW integration: Once installed, supported DAWs can be controlled without requiring additional mapping.

Experience our intuitive and tactile products and operate your music software as if it is hardware! I had a small issue yesterday and emailed the support desk. I got an answer 20 minutes later with the fix that I just happened to also find on-line. Great customer support. I have not used th IR part of this yet. Everything is remote access. That being said, Univerasal Devices does have a remote admin and dashboard that is java based.

The applet has to be installed and launched from the desktop. I actually used a remote app to remote back to my PC a few times to make minor adjustments to the programs.

All in all – this unit is great and worth the effort to set it up. Worth the money for me!! It does not include motion detection by itself so I could not rate that. I am impressed by the very extensive feature set primary manual, which is called Cookbook, is over pages , and by its reliability controlling X The user interface for programming the device is intuitive and capable – operational success feels like instant gratification.

In addition, Universal Devices Tech Support has been excellent for me. When I reported a problem the only one I’ve had so far , Tech Support responded in less than an hour and to everything I had written. Each interaction with the Tech Support person handling this problem was rapid, intelligent, well informed, and productive. Half the problem turned out to be my mistake and the other half was resolved in the next build Release 5.

I have well over Insteon devices and found that the limitations in HouseLinc were becoming obstacles. And while Insteon Hub works well and easy, it does not support some of the timing sequences I want, such as turning off a device 20 minutes after a manual switch is activated.

I’ve kept the Hub in service for what it does well, and the ISYi is doing the heavy lifting now. I found it to be easy enough to program, but it took some time to learn how to get it all working.

There are still quite a few odd behaviors that I need to iron out. I was not aware that the help system is mostly written about 8 years ago, and there are gaps in what I can find to solve issues. The ISYi is an excellent Insteon controller. The programming style exposed via the Java-based admin console is essentially an event-driven, algorithmic state machine ASM , which is quite appropriate for the purposes intended.

This style of control programming would be immediately familiar to anybody who has programmed a PLC using relay ladder logic or has done work at the microcode level on a CPU or other ASM-based controller. If this makes sense to you, then you’ll have no problems getting the ISYi to do your bidding. If not, then the out-of-box documentation will not help you, because there is none.

You’ll have to read up on the Universal Devices Wiki, but it should not be hard to pick up. My main beef with the ISYi is that the administration and programming has to take place via a Java-based console. If you are on a Mac, where Java is no longer installed by default, then you’re going to have to go through the trouble to install JRE, then fiddle with the sandboxing settings to get the console to work properly.

The default sandbox settings will not allow the admin console to save backups, access the module store, etc. Use of Java means that you’re not going to be able to program the ISYi using your iPad or other non-Java capable client, which is a problem since it is in fact useful to program while moving around to check that things are working as expected.

The console also insists on maximizing itself, taking over your entire screen. There is also no support for multiple users, nor is there support for multiple levels of access. This is not good at all, for obvious reasons. Despite the problems listed, I think the ISYi does its job well and without fuss. I’d buy it again.

Had to replace a defunct unit I had been using for about 6 years. The other modules are extra too. Buyer beware, ask first.

Thread starter Anorton Start date Jun 4, Anorton Member. Hoping everyone is safe and sound these days. I have a MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt 3 inputs, gigs of storage. I recently bought Logic Pro X and have been mainly recording rock songs with guitars, bass, vocals, and drum loops. I couldn’t pass up an IK Multimedia campaign and now have tons of sample libraries and have been reading that I should be using an external hard drive.

I’ve read I should put all my projects and 3rd party sound libraries on the external drive and keep software and all Logic’s stuff on the Mac. I think my problem is the two inputs. If I have my interface and an external drive, I need that external drive to charge while it’s receiving the recordings and loading samples to and from the Mac.

I don’t know if mine is. I also don’t know if it can charge and do music at the same time. Will this drive work for me? My head hurts. I’ve been at this for a couple of days and haven’t found much information about this specific situation.

I found a thread from that was sort of related, but that was Anyway, sorry for the longwinded post. Anyone have a similar setup with something that works?

When I go into my “studio”, I just want to plug the Mac in, hook up the interface and external drive and get to work. Is that possible? Anorton said:. Click to expand Steenamaroo said:. Are you low on space? If you have enough space to get the job done I’d carry on just using the internal disk and backup to some external drive later, at your leisure.

Reading this ” this drive can charge your compatible MacBook or MacBook Pro without having to take a separate MacBook charger out of your bag.

It looks like they’ve put a RPM spinning disk in there, though, so I’d be tempted to shop around a bit more. Regardless of the interface that’s going to max out at Sata I speeds.

If you were to keep your sample libraries on the MBP and use this to backup sessions etc when you get home then it doesn’t matter so much but I definitely wouldn’t want to be reading large sample libraries from a RPM spinner. If you don’t have 1TB I can imagine space will get tight sooner or later. If this drive is going to be stationary, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the spinning disks, though I don’t use samples so can’t comment on the RPM concern.

A large controller cache might help here.


Using Hardware Controllers With Logic

Logic Pro supports automatic assignment of hardware controls for a variety of USB MIDI controllers. When a supported USB MIDI controller is connected. Some of the best MIDI controllers plug effortlessly into Logic Pro X, Built-in integration with most common DAW – including Logic Pro – free you from.


Best MIDI Controllers for Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro supports automatic assignment of hardware controls for a variety of USB MIDI controllers. When a supported USB MIDI controller is connected. Some of the best MIDI controllers plug effortlessly into Logic Pro X, Built-in integration with most common DAW – including Logic Pro – free you from.


Logic pro x hardware controller free

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