Law of Attraction Meditation and Focus Guide

 Law of Attraction Meditation and Focus Guide


Learning to use law of attraction meditation in order to release resistance and heighten you positive powers of attraction is always a good idea.

The universal attraction law of attraction meditation   meditation will help you become a more relaxed easygoing individual and will help you in the process of attracting anything you want.

The benefits of law of attraction meditation:

There are many benefits to meditating and learning to focus the mind, here are the two most important ones:

Releases resistance:

While meditating, you stop focusing on the negative stuff going on in your life and allow your vibration to rise. This rise in vibration done consciously allows law of attraction to manifest the
positive things you always wanted.

Learning to Focus:

Another great bonus of using a law of attraction meditation technique is teaching the mind to focus on a single subject for long periods of time. The more you learn to focus, the stronger and faster
manifestations will happen.

This might take a few months of practice to achieve but it is well worth the effort. A focused mind creates huge results.

Law of attraction meditation process:

Step 1: wear loose clothes and find a quite and dark room where you can practice undisturbed.

Step 2: sit on a chair with your legs firmly touching the ground and your back straight.

Step 3: Go over every part in your body and release it, start from the legs.

Step 4: once you are relaxed, start focusing on your breathing.



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