How To Make More Sales Using Negative Selling

 How To Make More Sales Using Negative Selling


You become almost paranoid of sales people. Through so much sales pressure, the negative reaction to responding no, changes from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. At this stage saying no to a salesperson is set on automatic.


Let’s use the example of someone 45 Long Colt Ammo for sale.  calling you to switch telephone service. (Questions and Answers) Remember that the sales agent is reading from a script, and must not stop until he is told “NO” at least 8 times.

  1. Q = If I could show you a way to save money without losing any benefits, you would be interested, right? A = No (your subconscious is thinking salesman = no. So don’t give a commitment answer.
  2. Q = I’m sure that if I could lower your rates, then it would help you, right? A = No (I’m really content without making a change.
  3. Q = For our new customers, we are providing a new red phone, isn’t that great? A= No (I like my phone and don’t like red)
  4. Q = Can you tell me what your current phone bill costs, so I can tell you how much you save? A = NO (Your brain thinks It’s not really any of his business)
  5. Q = We save the average customer, over 20%, and that savings could be yours okay? A = NO (Your brain is going into automatic NO mode).
  6. Q = We will have a representative in your area on Thursday afternoon, will this be good for you? A = NO (I’m trying to get this pressure loaded salesman off the phone).
  7. Q =. Well our offer is for a limited time, the next 30 days, so will next week be better? A = NO (your are getting upset and want off the phone)
  8. Q = How about faxing me your current bill, and I will get back to you? A = NO (at this point, that’s 8 times you said no, so you hang up the phone. You just defeated ANOTHER sales person.

Wow, you made it through the hard way, congratulations for you patience. My mind is trained, like yours, that whenever a sales agent wants me to say “Yes”, I think the opposite. I don’t want to be mean, but my patience level with script salespeople is very abrupt. When I get the “If I could show you a way”, my mind is already thinking of getting get off the phone quickly. I respond by simply saying “not interested”, while hanging up the phone as the salesperson is still talking.

Never work hard trying to overcome no answers. I just knocked the breath out of dozens of sales managers with that statement.



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