How To Avoid Some Of The More Common Forex Scams

 How To Avoid Some Of The More Common Forex Scams


There is an old saying that states, “A Fool and his Money are Easily Parted”. With the proper strategy and resources from which to educate yourself, there is no reason  Is broker legit    to be foolish. With all of the opportunities to make money from home there are plenty of people who can’t wait to get right in and get started. The problem is, there are also plenty of scam artists out there who are all too willing to rip you off if you give them half a chance. In the Forex industry, experienced traders don’t fall for the scams, but people who are new to the industry are ripe targets. Therefore, you need to know what to look out for.

The government agency that regulates Forex trading, as well as other futures and commodities markets, cautions newcomers to watch out for the scammers that try to paint unrealistic pictures of huge profit potential in Forex and other trading markets. Recently they have also put out numerous fraud alerts for consumers specifically about scams involving the foreign currency exchange market. Here are a few of the tips from the CFTC to give you some insight on how to avoid scams.

First off, you always need to be wary of people who promise huge returns at low or no risk. If you see ads that say things like, “Make $2500 in minutes” that is a pretty good sign that they are not a reputable company. A reputable company will always temper the allure of large profits with warnings that you can also lose just as big or bigger. The Forex market is not a cash cow; there are risks just as there is with any investment opportunity. People who are unaware of the risks involved usually quit trading when they begin losing money.

You were equipped at birth with the ability to question and reason. Use it and be suspicious of everything until you verify that a company is reputable. Use the CFTC and investigate the company or broker you are thinking of doing business with by checking their fraud alert pages. Another good thing to do is see if the company is registered with the CFTC or if they belong to the National Futures Association. By using these resources you can easily find out if there have ever been disciplinary actions taken against the company you are investigating. You can also verify addresses and phone numbers. With the ease of access on the Internet, it has become increasingly easy to run fraud scams with false credentials and fake names.



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