Hottest Trends of Screen Recorder in Education Field

 Hottest Trends of Screen Recorder in Education Field


As the computer technologies are rapidly developing, many kinds of software industries are facing new challenges and opportunities. Teaching and learning with screen iTop Screen Recoder

recorder which has been widely regarded as a popular and impressive way in education field is also facing new challenges. Today we mainly focus on some hot trends of using screen recorder in e-learning (Electronic Learning) and introduce both traditional and modern opportunities of screen recording software in LMS (Learning Management Systems).

The following items are not only for teachers and educators but also for college students who like to make attempts with screen recorder for proper uses.

  1. Podcast and Screencast

Audio podcast has been widely used in education area since its quick information delivery and various content expressions. Now more teachers begin to make their video screencasts about tutorials, interviews and even lessons. By doing this you can share your knowledge and ideas to enhance your audio podcast with visual videos. Compared with audio podcast, screencasting videos provide vivid movies that happened on the screen and arouse student’s initiative of study, making the whole teaching process in lightheartedness. For teachers who get their maiden attempts at recording screencasting video, you can begin your topic with what you are familiar with and achieve your imagination of video creation with screen recorder like DemoCreator.

  1. Courseware Creation

Most teachers and educators in college are using presentation tools to make courseware. However, many of them can’t be directly opened or played unless you have certain software program installed (like PowerPoint presentation). And the traditional presentation software is no longer able to fulfill the demand of modern education. In that way, you can try to find screen recorder to make your courseware to video in real circumstances with animation, narration and etc. so that it can be played with common video player on any PC, and that’s why there are more and more teacher making attempts on screen recording software in e-learning as their primary presentation tools.

  1. Online Classroom

There’s always a headache for distance learning that teachers can’t track and get the latest information of their students which are thousands miles away, indicating the delay of learning and other serious teaching issues. With screen recording software, you can easily make your lessons in advance and publish them online by chapters. In that case, students who are even overseas can arrange their study schedule in flexibility.



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