Go To Green Printing to Save Mother Nature

 Go To Green Printing to Save Mother Nature


Throughout world, people are following a new trend “Go green”. There are many corporations who are working towards this bandwagon.

Young adults are fabric digitial printing

moving towards environmental friendly printing. They buy organic or environmental friendly products. To become more organic, print companies are using recycled paper and soy based ink. Printing companies are using soy based ink instead of traditional petroleum based ink. Generally, soy based ink was developed for newspaper printing purpose but nowadays it is also used for business cards and product catalogs. Some advantages of this ink are: it is environmental friendly and colors tend to be vibrant.

Important tips for environmental friendly printing:

o Try to recycle your cartridges. Recycling cartridges save money and time. One of the cheapest options is refilling.
o If your file is in text format, use print in draft mode. In addition, try to print on both the sides of the paper. This will save paper.
o As far as possible, print only important documents. Wherever possible present your perspective online. Avoid printing when there are other options.
o Always buy an environmental friendly printer. It may be expensive, but in the long run it is considered a very good investment. Use only eco-friendly ink. Your monthly bill will be reduced if you buy printers that require less electricity.

Due to advancement in technology, eco printing has become affordable. In the past, it was very expensive. In the past people used petroleum based ink which was harmful for the environment but now it is replaced with vegetable or soy based ink. Some benefits are:

o More sustainability compared to chemical ones.
o Being eco-friendly, they originate from a renewable reserve.
o Wide range of colors is available in this type of ink.
o Colors are mostly vibrant and bright.

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