Dread of Death While Living in a Pandemic

 Dread of Death While Living in a Pandemic


The fact of the matter isn’t, “There is nothing to fear except for dread itself”. In all actuality, “Dread isn’t anything to fear”!


This takes us to a definitive FLOWFLEX USA truth – there isn’t anything to fear!


Notwithstanding, this doesn’t suggest that we ought not fear.


Dread is a courier similarly that aggravation is a courier welcoming us to research and discover what’s up.


Dread seems when we disregard what is valid, genuine, considerable, fundamental, long-lasting with regards to ourselves and the world.


Dread is our solid protection from what we don’t need – uneasiness, hurt, torment, enduring, infection and demise.


However these are inescapable as far as we can tell. These are encounters that we have all had on many occasions (with the exception of death), that we have made due and gained from and will proceed to get by and gain from until we pass on. We want not dread them, yet we do have to oppose and keep away from them, and dread is the shape our obstruction takes.


Presently we show up at the one experience we have never experienced, yet which we as a whole fear – passing. Our existential apprehension about death is our protection from our demise. Why oppose it when it is inescapable? This isn’t to propose that we not do everything to keep away from and oppose unfortunate, risky circumstances by taking consideration and acting in manners that make us safe. In any case, why oppose passing?


Our protection from death prompts envisioning insane things like, “There is an ideal opportunity and a correct method for dieing, and an off-base time and an incorrect method for dieing”. Actually, demise shows up consistently in all ways. For some, it has been and will be the COVID-19 infection. For some, 20,000 or so this year alone, it has been seasonal influenza. For 3.1 million youngsters every year as per UNCIEF (1.03 million this year alone) it is undernourishment.


We can learn, progressively or at the same time, to carry on with our existence with no protection from death – our own and our friends and family’. Envision what it might be want to carry on with our life that way – without opposing the way that one day we will pass on while never knowing when or how; and not opposing the aggravation of misfortune, which is made of the adoration for our friends and family. As death is inescapable, we can come to savor the way that we were conceived are still here and relish each second we have left. This is the thing that we show up at when we invite our apprehension about death, find that dread isn’t anything to fear, and that actually there isn’t anything to fear.


While this infers that we want not be apprehensive, it doesn’t propose that we should presently don’t encounter dread. Once more, dread, similar to torment, is a courier that welcomes us to investigate what’s up and opens our protection from something. There are numerous things we should oppose in light of a legitimate concern for wellbeing and security – like opposing being in closeness to others during this pandemic.


We realize that the body will pass on, and we accept that when the body kicks the bucket we pass on in light of the fact that we accept that all we are is the body. We expect it’s obviously true that the body is the wellspring of mindfulness – the mindfulness with which we know about all experience and our selves. Truly, it is an assumption, not a reality. Nobody has at any point seen mindfulness emerging from the cerebrum, or sensations emerging from the body. It is a reality of our experience that we know and that we detect and see; however it is a hypothesis that the body is the wellspring of these.


This hypothesis, dared to be a reality, comes from the evident connection between’s the cerebrum and experience. Influence the mind and we influence insight. Kill the body and there is no more insight for this individual. (There is no experience for any individual in profound rest, yet we don’t say the Self has vanished/passed on). In any case, this is the same that influencing our PCs and screens and influencing the data that is capable, and afterward reasoning that the screen and PC are the source or reason for the data. Could it be that the body resembles the PC, a nearby, “individual” signifies through which we access the data transmission of general, indifferent data that is accessible to all PCs; and similarly as that transfer speed of data remains when the PC kicks the bucket, so Being, Awareness, “I” remains?


The way that we all as “people” long for timeless life and the greater part of us trust in eternal life or rebirth might be a hint in our psyches and sentiments that we are not just the body, that the body isn’t the wellspring of mindfulness, and that when the body bites the dust we, mindfulness don’t vanish anything else than the data transmission of data vanishes when a PC, PC, tablet, or advanced mobile phone passes on.

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