Children and Gun Safety – Keeping Kids Safe From Guns

 Children and Gun Safety – Keeping Kids Safe From Guns


With 40% of American Families possessing firearms, the matter of protecting our children from 38 special ammo  Gun Accidents is a huge concern in America.

It is possible for parents to keep their children safe when they choose to own weapons and keep them in the home. Children or teens cannot be responsible for their own safety; it is the responsibility of the parents or adults of the household.

When you make the decision to own a firearm, you must be totally informed on the most effective methods for assuring your family and visitors in your home are safe. The gun owner alone carries this responsibility. The risks are significant. The method you choose to secure the gun cannot be considered lightly; it is a serious situation which requires great planning and thought to avoid a tragedy. Unfortunately, where firearms are concerned, you rarely get more than one chance to get it right.

Research shows that 40% of homes with children have a gun in the home and 1 in 4 of these guns is loaded at all times. Research also shows that a large majority of deaths due to guns happened in the home. All the more reason for us to carefully evaluate how we store our guns.

With this information in mind, it should go without saying when there are children or teens in the home, there should never be a loaded gun in the house. The gun should always be in a secure storage where it is impossible for the children to access.

If it is necessary for a gun to be kept in the bedroom, a secure vault should be used. There are vaults available that are small and able to be mounted on the bedframe, or near the bed. Vaults with Biometric or digital access are best. This technology allows the gun owner to access the vault very quickly and easily but keeps everyone else out.

Keep in mind that children are naturally curious and often listen to the encouragement of their friends instead of the good sense of their parents. Keep all guns securely away from children and in a storage that will not allow the access under any conditions. Even though you have had the necessary conversations with your children and you feel they understand you, do not become complacent in this area. Your complacency can kill.

Here are a few safety tips to assist you:



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