Bras Should Be Fitted Like Any Other Article of Clothing

Bras Should Be Fitted Like Any Other Article of Clothing


What would happen if you went to the shoe store, measured the size of your feet, and then bought a shoe 6 sizes bigger? Your shoes wouldn’t fit right, you’d be tripping bra size calculator

over your feet all day and you’d look like Bozo the clown. What if you measured your midsection at 30 inches, but decided to buy pants with a 34 inch waist? You might be the height of fashion in some circles, but your pants would ride loose and low on your butt and be in constant danger of falling to your ankles. It seems self-evident that when you buy clothing you should buy according to your actual measurements, not your measurements PLUS 4-6 inches. Yet this is exactly what women do all the time when buying one particular article of clothing. Then they are amazed that it never fits right! That it is uncomfortable!

I am, of course, talking about bras. The title sort of gave the game away, didn’t it?

Women can hardly be blamed for the way they buy bras. If you’ve been told all your life that the world is flat and everyone around you believes it, then why would you question it? The bra manufacturers tell women to add inches to their band measurement. The stores all tell them to add inches to their measurement. Bra fitters tell them to add inches to their band. Most online stores say the same, as do the online “bra size calculators”.

To add to the confusion, some places tell women to take their band measurement under their arms. Going back to the shoes example, it’s like telling people to buy shoes based on the length of their shin. This is simply an underhanded way to get you to add inches to your band without actually telling you to add inches, because measuring under your arms will always give you a larger number than measuring under your breasts.

I say that it is time to “Breakout” of this false standard and start wearing bras that actually fit. Measure under your breasts where the band goes… and tada(!)… there is your band size. It’s an amazingly revolutionary idea, I know. Now you just follow the standard formula of measuring around the fullest part of your breast and


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