Best Treatments For Panic Attacks

 Best Treatments For Panic Attacks


If you’re looking for a pill that cures panic attacks after popping it into your mouth for a few weeks, you won’t find it. Panic attacks are complex psycho-emotional conditions with physical manifestations that affect mainly Rishabh Bhola three aspects of you life – social, physical and emotional well-being. It definitely requires more than drugs to treat, and in order to treat them, you must also treat the anxiety that causes them. The good news is that it’s definitely a treatable condition many people suffer from.

The best treatment for a panic disorder is not a single method; it’s a combination of several methods that combine self-help, medications and counseling.


Sufferers of panic attacks have to take the first step toward getting better. But it doesn’t stop there. Once you recognize you have a problem and decide to seek help, it’s not up to doctors and therapists to see that your return to fitness. The primary responsibility for your care remains yours. Self-help is as essential as therapy in this combo of treatments for panic disorders.

Quit smoking, give up drinking and stay away from caffeine. Your hands are not going to shake as much and you’d be less jittery. Learn to control your breathing. Or better yet, participate in a yoga class. Controlled deep breathing is an essential coping skill all sufferers of panic disorders must learn in order to stay conscious and ride out an episode with minimal debilitating effects. Learn some body relaxation techniques. When you’re relaxed, you’re less likely to display physical symptoms of panic attacks. Exercise regularly; it helps you sleep soundly. Getting a good night’s rest is essential to normal functioning and keeping your daily stress levels down.


Thought patterns play a major role in anxiety and panic disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy or exposure therapy or using both techniques simultaneously, has proved to be effective in altering a person’s thought processes and helping them to acquire new, more positive ways of thinking. This is important to the ultimate goal of being rid of panic attacks simply because the way you perceive a situation determines how you feel about it. How you feel at any given time will manifest itself physically – in a smile when you’re happy, racing pulse and rapid heartbeats when your nervous or anxious, getting wide-eyed and immobilized when you’re frightened, etc.




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