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I also came in contact with a friend of my fathers who works at a major construction company who is going to help me examine my drawings when i’m done. He will also ask someone from their engineering staff to check the calculations so that’s great. I will be doing all the construction myself, next week i will be visiting the company who build the floor in added picture. Thanks again for the advice, i really appreciate it. I will upload my new model as soon as its ready, will probably be next week tho.

You really do not have to do it, in any case you can change this later, but if sleeted about right in the start required changes will be less significant. I see you mentioned HEA profiles.

I would say this is a bad choice. This will be more expensive to build than it should be. I understand you have copied that. But it is essential to understand “why” and “how” so not to copy something that may be wrong. I understand you have mechanical studies and now are doing engineering.

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Back to Inventor Category. Back to Topic Listing Previous Next. Message 1 of Hi, I am designing a floor for a friend of mine. Preview file. Message 2 of Many thanks! Johnson Shiue johnson.

Message 3 of Is there a way to distribute all the force over de surface area of the floor?.. Can you Attach your assembly here? Message 4 of I have zipped the folder. Thanks in advance! Message 5 of As far as setting this up, what I did was 1. Kirk p.

Message 6 of Hi, In general analysis of this kind of structure, like any civil engineering structure, is not limited to FEA calculation regardless of kind of the calculation There are numerous other aspects that must be considered and that are generally omitted in FEA calculations due to complexity, and they are dealt using safety factors and various modelling approaches and assumptions used for preparing analytical models.

Can you please give some more information about you: 1 do you have any civil engineering education? Message 7 of Hi Cris, I have done a 4 year study in mechanical engineering SVE and am currently in my second year of Engineering bachelor. I hope i answered your questions. Thanks again for the help. Message 8 of Hi, OK. Message 9 of Hi, 1 I have not yet worked with Eurocode 3 but i will definitly look into it. Hopefully i answered your questions. Kees kelly. Message 10 of You need to be a PEng to certify the structure.

Look into local building code. It’ll give you standard on what you need to use. Is the floor high enough for anyone to walk under? Message 11 of Hi, I have downloaded your model, and have some initial remarks. But before we start anything I will make some things clear: 1 I will not give you any easy way just to perform FEA, I can help you with the design, as it would be real civil engineering design.

This kind only works for tension so you need to remove all slack and provide some way to apply initial tensions. Middle connection of two X arms is not necessary. Propose other solution. Message 12 of Hi Cris, First of all, thank you for putting effort into this. It is definitely a learning experience. So i will be creating a new, more thoroughly designed, model with the changes you mentioned. I do still have some questions: What do you mean with the first point?

A part or assembly document can maintain one or more simulations. Each document can have any number of simulations. The simulation result files, which can be large, are maintained separately and link to the part or assembly document unless you specify otherwise.

The save action saves all of the stress analysis information in the model file as well, and maintains file relationships. Stress analysis input and results information, including loads, constraints, and all results are also saved in separate files. The simulation files are unique to a given model and simulation. Simulation files are stored in a dedicated folder of the same name as the model file.

By default, OLE links are created to each of these files. You can turn off the links by changing the option. If simulation files are relocated or missing when you first open a model, the Resolve Link dialog box displays. Either browse to the location of the simulation files, or choose to skip them. If you skip the files, the Simulation environment can recompute the files, if necessary.

The stress analysis operation creates files that contain the stress analysis information. The files live in the document hierarchy beneath the component.


Autodesk inventor 2018 stress analysis free.Inventor Stress Analysis does not provide the expected results

The Stress Analysis settings are applicable on a per document basis. These settings define the defaults for all new simulations. Create a simulation · On the ribbon Environmentstab Begin panel, click Stress Analysis. · On the Stress Analysis tab Manage panel, click Create.


Autodesk inventor 2018 stress analysis free

The Stress Analysis settings are applicable on a per document basis. These settings define the defaults for all new simulations. Create a simulation · On the ribbon Environmentstab Begin panel, click Stress Analysis. · On the Stress Analysis tab Manage panel, click Create.


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