A Rational View of the Prediction of Win or Loss in Tennis Competition

A Rational View of the Prediction of Win or Loss in Tennis Competition


Non-professionals usually predict the outcome of a tennis match from the following aspects:

1.Technical strength

Strength is always the most important thing.It usually depends on the ranking, as well as the most recent game records.

Technical characteristics

Mainly depends on the opponent’s match records and field preferences, such as Nadal on clay, Medvedev on hard ground.Further depends on the opponent’s individual skills, such as serving/receiving, forehand/backhand, netting, movement, etc.

Other factors

Include psychological quality, will quality, personality characteristics, injury status, main/field, etc.

Given these very incomplete factors, it’s hard for the average audience to understand everything, such as staying away from the field, away from the players, away from the professional environment.For example, players’ injuries are usually kept secret before a game.No one will reveal their weaknesses to their opponents in advance, only their own teams know.Moreover, professional athletes are mostly injured, with only seriousness and recent injuries.

Therefore, the so-called prediction, to a large extent, is an act of entertainment, entertain oneself, please the public.

All casino website forecasts, including professional forecasts, only give a probability and a possibility.When it comes to probability, it’s not 100%.Even if the probability is 90%, your prediction will fail 100 percent if the result falls to another 10 percent.

Therefore, we should look at any so-called win-lose prediction rationally.

There’s another way that 온라인바카라 predict tennis wins and losses: personal preferences.For example, if you like to play against one side, or hate one side, it’s hard to predict objectively.It’s human nature. Unless there’s a big difference in strength between the two sides.But, given the wide differences, is there any need for prediction?

Dark horses often appear in tennis.The so-called dark horse is jumping out of the 바카라사이트 predicted cold player.There are so many dark horses on the Internet in the United States this year that I won’t talk about itA very typical dark horse is Aslan.Karadzev, Australia, made it all the way from qualifying to the semi-finals this year.Karadzev’s rise is no accident.Earlier this year, as a member of the Russian team, he joined Medmayer and Lubrev in the ATP Cup, winning the championship.Not to mention whether he contributed much to Russia’s victory, but that Karadzev benefited from it – he said everything he knew in the game opened a window for him.

Non-professionals away from the field can only know the details of the players after the game.And then there’s Sinner. What we can see is the improvement in his performance and his ranking.Off the field, his coach, Patti… (Is that the name?)Take him to see tennis celebrities, retire the champion, feel the off-court temperament of the champion, contact the celebrities and practice with him, and so on… all in his game.

This fan should be Beretini.

There is, of course, another case.Some fans watch games almost every day, some established “professional” fans, from Connors to Sampras, Roddick to Fenard… feel good, have their own ideas about every game, combined with casino website data, predictions are quite accurate.

In short, look at the prediction rationally and look at the game sensibly.Just be happy!

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