5 Clubs/Bars to Check Out

 5 Clubs/Bars to Check Out When in Copenhagen

Today I will give you all the secret diamonds of Copenhagen. Cool bars and places that I suggest looking at. Who knows, you may even chance upon me there!

1. Meat-town

Meat-town also known as. Kodbyen is by day the spots for item looking for eateries or other food related organizations. Around evening time it’s a social problem area for downtown Copenhagen. There are a few cool scenes worth looking at in Meat-town, for example, Karriere bar, or Jolenes for a more hippy approach. It’s a lot more ทางเข้าจีคลับ established group going from 25-30, the bar costs are normal to high and the music is by all accounts thoroughly examined, contrasted with different spots you may coincidentally find in Copenhagen.If you like a more seasoned group and an alternate encounter then your ordinary clubs, then, at that point Meat-town is certainly not an awful spot to look at.



Halmtorvet 9-29

1700 Kobenhavn V

Open hours: 10pm – 5am

2. Heidi’s Bier Bar

Heidi’s coffin bar has 2 stories. The two stories has a fussball table, they offer a colossal scope of various lagers, so in case you’re a brew fan you’ll like this spot. The group is more established, going from 24-28 and they have a dancefloor that it tiny yet possible. It’s a faint lit spot and the barmaids are generally conveniently wearing a german servant outfits. There’s no extra charge except for there is a closet expense of 20kr. I normally sneak in and drop my coat at a table with a companion, I’m modest.


Heidi’s Bier Bar

Vestergade 18

1456 Kobenhavn K

3. Karel

Fullname Karel Van Mander is a club arranged right close to the large Magasin Shopping Center and can be reached by the strolling road or from Kongs Nytorv Metro st. Karel support a magnificent looking club with choice inside plan and likely has the most sultry young ladies around, scrambling around in the scene. They have an open air region which is ideal for the mid year and a decent measured dance floor in the center. The music is generally house and dance tunes with a blend of well known tunes from current occasions. The age bunch goes from 18-25. Anyway the age necessities changes from Thursdays to Saturdays. The bar costs are tragically extremely high, yet in the event that you got cash to blow, you will not look better doing it anyplace, than here. Karel can help that they draw in the most sizzling young ladies in Copenhagen, so assuming you’re hoping to attach with a decent super, look no farther than here. There are a bounty of turbos here. The passageway cost is around 100dkk, however free closet.


Karel van Mander

Lille Kongensgade 16

1074 Kobenhavn K

open hours: 10pm-5am

4. Cheerful Pig

The Happy pig is arranged close skindergade. It has a beautiful youthful group from 21-25. It has 2dance floors on the highest level and furthermore a live band region down steps, where they routinely play unrecorded music. The bar costs are very low and individuals are by and large very agreeable. There’s a 20dkk closet expense and it ain’t discretionary. They broadcast football match-ups, when there are huge matches, so you should look at that, in case you’re football intrigued.


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